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Very cool! Any progress on Windows support?

I doubt it is a priority. But I can certainly recommend Amazon GPU-enabled instances (~0.6$/hour/GPU, not that much actually).

Linux is great for training, however I would like to deploy my models to run locally on user machines which are running Windows. Theano supports Windows but TensorFlow doesn't.

Can models be ported between systems easily?

g2 instances has a GPU which is not compatible with the stock tensorflow, you must rebuild it from source. Do you have a workaround for that?

I believe our published wheels now include the code for cuda compute 3.0, so it should work out of the box now.

(as long as the images have cudnn v4 and cuda 7.5 installed, I think :)

Great news, I'll try today!

I find the Amazon GPU prices pretty high in the long run. The g2.2xlarge is around 3x slower than a GTX 980.

It should be a priority. The main reason I picked Theano (and still use it) is Windows support.

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