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Hopefully this gets resolved soon. Seems like three clear takeaways for everyone else.

1) Don't work with Jeremy Guillory

2) Be extra careful with paperwork and understandings early on. (Although it doesn't look like they could have done anything more.)

3) If you possibly can, you want Sam Altman on your side. not just for when things are going badly, but also when they go world changingly well.

> 1) Don't work with Jeremy [...]

And this, right here, is why this post is bad, bad, bad news. You're allowing someone to dictate your interaction with someone you've never met due to circumstances with which you're not involved based on a single-sided narrative and public record.

That'd be bad enough, but then you're taking it further and telling the rest of us to blackball a person as a forum. A person. With a career.

Do you not see how absolutely crazy that is? I won't invoke his name because it's passé, but that shit happened in Congress once, and it didn't go well.

Second this. This post from sama was very bad idea. It came across nothing more than vindictive and publicly shaming Jeremy because of sama's personal interest in seeing deal through.

If there was any incentive for Jeremy to quietly settling the issue, this post just took it away. Now he should go for jugular- half of Kyle stake and then turn around and sue sama for defamation and crimping his ability work in SV in the future.

Yeah, in retrospect I'd probably not be so definitive.

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