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Ok, I tried to answer questions here for awhile. I've got to head into other meetings for the rest of the afternoon.

BTW, my working assumption here is that Jeremy is a good person getting bad advice. I'm certainly not out to destroy his career, and I would talk to him about his next thing. We tried hard to keep this from being a public matter, but one things about YC good or bad is that we will do everything in our power to defend the people we fund if we think they're in the right. Since this was going to become public anyway, and Kyle can't say much, I wanted to clarify how hard Kyle worked to solve this privately.

And as a takeaway--put stuff in writing!!

"I'm not out to destroy someone's career, I'm just calling his actions one of the least sensible professional situations I’ve ever been involved with. On my very influential blog."

I think you guys are impacted by the US law allowing anybody sue anyone for anything, always. In EU if someone has no contract/shares/employment in some sort of a paperwork, I feel like there'd be no problem whatsoever. I doubt one could even sue at all. If someone without % of the company can request anything, that's slightly worrying.

The EU absolutely allows for verbal contracts, it's just recommended against (like in the US) since it's so hard to prove.

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