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I can't imagine being in her shoes. Kind of sorry for her, she was supposed to be an inspiration for women everywhere.

On the other hand, she is an excellent example of how not to be disconnected from reality for founders.

That statement borders on the obscene.

Just because someone gets anointed by family connections to money and PR, that doesn't make them an 'inspiration', regardless of gender.

Obscene to feel for someone who fucked up their career so bad? It's just common empathy.

Not if the f-up was the result of their own fraud and they'll have a golden parachute anyway.

Obscene to think that she should be an inspiration for anybody.

C'mon, the point is a lot of people were inspired by a young woman forming a powerhouse medical company. Now we've found out it was all smoke and mirrors for years, and everyone who looked up to her was let down.

It is not that I studied her, it seemed like young, well educated, successful women, that is all.

>well educated

she dropped from Stanford at something like first year.

There are a good number of successful young females working in tech. They just aren't billionaires or hyped as much, that's all.

Here's an example:


Sure, and I was just expressing that. Like I said, I didn't study her, I might have seen article here and there.

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