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>And so I’ve decided to say something before the lawyers can stop me.

Note to self to etch into brain: Do not emulate this in serious matters.

I can understand the compulsion though, no doubt.

I can't believe he made a public statement either. If you want a baseless lawsuit to go away quickly, you do not give the opposition ammunition (which is what this public statement is). The lawsuit sounds like bullshit to me but I can see this statement costing Cruise a lot of money.

Honestly I believe it would've taken minimal effort to obfuscate the players and turn it into a venting / warning regarding best practices in the industry, and, in some ways, perhaps have been more constructive.

I interpreted that not as he's going against lawyers' advice but rather that he's speaking now in case the near future involves a gag order settlement

Great for those of us with popcorn in hand, but it seems like a terrible decision if roles reversed.

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