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Looks like that Jeremy guy is gonna have some splainin' to do in his next job interview. Pretty sure other startups won't want to touch him with a 10' pole, regardless of the veracity of the allegations made.

Rooting against someone to be able and work again is a weird reaction to hearing very little about one side of a private legal matter.

Not rooting for anything, just saying this is not good for any of the involved parties 'images' (bad PR).

Unless Jeremy is right and he's fighting for truth and justice?

We are seeing one side of the story from an investor set to make a large sum of money with the merger.

We have no idea from here where the truth actually sits.

I have no idea who's "right" here, but the idea that someone should have job prospects harmed for trying to get something that he believes is deserved is disgusting.

>regardless of the veracity of the allegations made.

So, even if he is actually entitled to the equity, he should be punished for making the claim? What the hell...

I agree there's another side to this, but yes, someone who believes in something awful (if that turns out to be the case) should be evaluated for doing so.

The whole world does not revolve around startups. There are plenty of other jobs and ways to make money in the world. [1]

[1] A bird in hand is worth two in the bush must be his thinking as well.

I was not aware Confucius's descendants posted on HN :)

If he gets his 1M$ he may never ever have to work again.

Heh, $1M is nowhere near "fuck you" money in SV. More like "leave me alone for a few years" money.

Who said you need to stay in SV once you are done? 1M should allow for pretty comfortable lifestyle in low-cost area.

Call it $700k after taxes... Even living on a $35k/year budget, that only buys you 20 years of freedom - and no retirement fund!

If you put these 700k in Vanguard, you could get ~3.21% per year forever. That works out to 22k$/year. Perhaps it's below poverty line in US, but for some countries that could be upper part of middle-class income.

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