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Wow, this is incredible transparency on YC's part, and an interesting tactical decision naming names. I assume this post went by several of YC's lawyers.

EDIT: Had asked about Jeremy's complaint; see sama's comment below

As far as I know he hasn't filed a complaint yet, it's just been verbal/emails (which is still more than enough to interfere). I assume he will file something soon.

RE naming names, the complain is public anyway, but still it's not something I feel great about. However, behavior like this is becoming more common (I spend far more time dealing with related issues than I'd like) and it needs to stop.

If you want some horror stories, go find a CPA that works with primarily small businesses. You will hear about the families fighting or deadweight partners that bring the company down and force it to close shop. Choosing who to go into business with is one of the most scary things when starting something new.

If you find a good solution to reduce the rate of this happening, please share! It is a huge problem and a major barrier to why many businesses are never started or die a premature death. People are inherently unstable and difficult.

Realistically there's a 0.0% chance this sort of thing is going to stop. Not when there's a ton of money on the table.

Which makes being so public about this particular dispute pointless and ultimately damaging to YC's reputation. This post was a mistake and it won't help anything.

If you are thinking that the lawyers wouldn't want you to say something you probably should have not barged ahead and become public with this type of situation. What do you expect will happen exactly? That the "aggrieved" party will read it and have a change of heart?

do you have an email I can write you with a question regarding a sort of similar circumstance?

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