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> Finally, to underscore how seriously we are taking this event, we are offering GCE and VPN service credits to all impacted GCP applications equal to (respectively) 10% and 25% of their monthly charges for GCE and VPN.

These credits exceed what is promised by Google Cloud in their SLA's for Compute Engine and VPN service!

... which is precisely (almost word-for-word) what the post-mortem goes on to say. Is there something specific you're trying to call attention to here?

Nop. Probably did too much copy-pasting :( Mearly wanted to highlight the point.

Only barely. They're down to 2.5 minutes of downtime left for the next 30 days if they want to keep the 99.95% level.

They do SLO by quarter.

Just to clarify, the criteria is using "monthly uptime percentage": https://cloud.google.com/compute/sla

Interesting. I guess quarterly is an internal target.

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