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Oh god! This brings back memories of the nightmarish legacy code that I had to work on, a long time ago. The previous developer apparently liked Pascal and hated C. His principal header file had something like

    #define begin {
    #define end   }
and many other Pascalisms. As a result, his code did not look like C at all. IIRC, the code had gone unmaintained since the late 80's, which is not surprising in embedded systems. The code I had to fix was truly cringe-worthy.

I vehemently disagree with Ganssle's article. Curly braces are the way to go. I am quite comfortable with pythonic indentation now, but remove one 'if' in complex code, and we have to change all the code below it manually. Cut-paste some code, and we have to manually take care of indentations. It's a pain.

Instead of his proposal, I'd want cleaner syntax for bit-wise addressing, which is currently handled via cumbersome unions or mask macros.

Isn't there the anecdote that the Bourne shell is written in this style?

I remember some famous name being very fond of ALGOL and so abused the preprocessor so his code would look like ALGOL. Makes you understand how so often you're one pretty printer away from another language.

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