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Being a hetero male engineer, I find your story quite appalling. My advice to you would be to go to HR immediately. It isn't being a tattletale when you're being discriminated against or being made fun of in mean spirits. In fact, the HR term for this is sexual harassment, which I suspect a serious business firm like Oracle has a 0 tolerance rule for to CYA against lawsuits.

I would also advocate going to HR, preferably after recording one or two of those conversations.

I would recommend going to HR, but not recording the conversation. The laws in your jurisdiction may make such recording illegal.

I would start by consulting an employment attorney.

Even in California, which normally requires consent of all parties for recording, these circumstances might fall under an exception. That's a question for the attorney. IANAL, but it seems possible to me because the statue exempts conversations that the participants might reasonably expect could be overheard.

Short of an audio recording, you should certainly start keeping a handwritten log of incidents; write down all of them in as much detail as you can.

Yeah I now realize that I should have done this, but I have the feeling that they are trying to push me out now and I only have so much time to try and collect anything. I suppose I could try and get witnesses

Trying to push you out? You might just be paranoid. Even if it is true, it might be for unrelated reasons. In any case, next time around:

1. Don't announce to everybody what you like to do with your dick and/or orifices. Even if you were 100% straight, it wouldn't be appropriate in a professional work environment.

2. Grow a thick skin. So they talk. Oh well.

3. Pick a better employer. You'd find more acceptance at the CIA (not joking) or a typical big defense contractor.

Yeah, that's a good point. I'll edit my response.


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