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What country do you live that they can fire you (or the manager) for taking a month off?


They could easily threaten or guilt trip you when asking for a month off... If they would actually follow through is another question

I requested two weeks off - first vacation in 3 years, 6 months in advanced. Leading up to this, the guilt trip was laid on thick. Luckily I was leaving the country, so just said I had no internet and phone during this time. Yes, USA.

I've just returned from five weeks of traveling. Four weeks unpaid vacation (whole March) and six days regular vacation. Yes, Germany. ;)

Yep i have 6 weeks booked off in July. Will see my parents in UK. Flipside is i get paid less than a yank.

Good for you. It's vacation, there should be no expectation for support or work while you are gone.

I once had a manager sarcastically say, "and they don't have the internet in Hawaii?" I said they probably do, but I didn't intend to have the internet in Hawaii.

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