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Most MUAs these days send multipart/alternative messages, so even though most recipients see the fancy HTML version, the message also has a text/plain version that mutt will default to showing and you won't even notice it had an HTML part.

For those rare HTML-only mails, just install lynx and add this to ~/.mailcap:

     text/html; lynx -dump -localhost -force_html -width 80 %s; copiousoutput
This will make mutt pipe the html content to lynx, which will render it and spit back a plaintext version with all the embedded links at the bottom. You'll be able to easily scroll through the message in mutt as though it were plaintext.

For all those who prefer w3m:

    text/html; /usr/bin/w3m -I %{charset} -T text/html -o display_link_number=1 -dump; copiousoutput

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