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> The unix principle works quite well for stuff like grep/find/awk but there is just now way you could make GIMP follow the unix principle.



ImageMagick is a poor example of "doing one thing right" because every command line tool actually does a million different things with different command line switches. Additionally, it can't do everything GIMP can (which I think you're acknowledging with the winky face).

Imagemagick can't do everything GIMP can do. But everything Imagemagick can do can be scripted.

Need to convert 10, or 100, or 1,000, or 1,000,000 images? You might use GIMP for the first. You'd best give it up for the 2nd and further.

On Linux desktop, I had an Imagemagick command in my command history which would trim off the top n pixels of images to remove extraneous elements. Quick to call that up and run it on a new screenshot, or a series of shots, prior to posting online. The job was completed before GIMP would finish initialising.

"But everything Imagemagick can do can be scripted."

So can the Gimp. I wrote a calendar script in Perl for the Gimp literally 15 years ago.

My impression is that scripting Gimp is ... more complicated. That said, I've not tried it.

Imagemagick though makes simple-to-moderately-complex stuff bog easy.

better example would be the netpbm stack.

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