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Where do you live / travel where you are spending $300 a month on Internet? I live in Australia (not the cheapest place) and spend $50 AUD a month for 12G of data and free international calls to 10 countries.

In the US we also have T-mobile with unlimited internet (limited highspeed internet)

I have T-Mobile, with 36GB of data spread across two devices. I also have Karma (it was the "Neverstop" plan, until they bait-and-switched that out of existence) with 10GB. I have two plans because T-Mobile network is awful in some places. I share internet with my girlfriend, so it's not just one person using this much data...but, I do use a lot of data.

Edit: T-Mobile "unlimited" is bullshit. It is only unlimited for the phone itself. Hotspot usage is rate limited to an unusably slow rate after data allowances is used (the limited rate is usually well below the 128kbps they claim, but even when it is reaching 128bps, that's unusable for the modern web, and the latency is horrific, so even shell sessions are impossible once you hit the cap). The only reason I stick with T-Mobile is BingeOn lets me watch Netflix without using much data; though the crappy speed of it makes it unworkable in a lot of locations. But, don't believe their marketing about "unlimited" data. It is not. T-Mobile also seems to measure bandwidth usage in a shady way; I use about 1GB a day on Karma...same kind of usage results in 2GB+ a day on T-Mobile. I haven't analyzed what's really going on with any precision, but I've noticed the discrepancy on a few occasions; it has happened often enough and to a large enough degree to where I think the smoke is indicative of a fire.

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