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That's not strictly new in this version. I've had that enabled (hesitate to say been using) for a while now.

Anyone know if the hanging between wifi to cable connections is resolved yet? Aside from that I'm much quicker and more productive with my inboxes now. Sidebar patch, hotkey per mailbox... Very quick icedove replacement.

PS: Workaround for the connection thing is to ctrl-z when it hangs, and fg the other instance for that connection.

Alternatively, you can use mosh to your homebox, and run mutt from there. Has some other advantages as well ...

Yeah good call. I have mosh running to various boxes all day, but the mail sits on 2 diff servers so I tend to bring them together on the local machine. Still, very doable. Could use tmux and mosh together on the pi even... Yep, thanks for suggestion.

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