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I wish Synology would get on the stick and and make/acquire a Dropcam-like device for their NAS products. Why would Synology, a maker of mass storage appliances, head off to the topsy-turvy world of consumer products? Look at their software offerings that run on their hardware. DS Note, an Evernote/OneNote competitor? They have put a non-trivial amount of work to produce it, and it's good enough I use it in lieu of aforementioned products. Does it sell more NAS products? Dunno, I'm assuming it must. I just know that all of my notes stay on a machine that I own. That machine is five or six years old, and Sinology continues to crank out updates for it. When they stop, my box will still work.

DS Note is just one example, there's buttloads of software that Synology cranks out for these little boxes, including security cam software. Problem is, tracking down which camera works with the NAS is non-trivial, and frankly more trouble than I care to expend. Now if Synology said, "here's a $200 camera. Point it at your NAS. All data stays on your local network, no 'cloud' services to rely on. Sorted.", I'd buy four of them that same day, no questions asked, shut up and take my money.

Don't people already do this with Synology NAS boxes? Just a normal IP camera, writing to storage and with remote access set up it should work. Not consumer plug and play, but I swear I've read about people doing this...

Oh, people do it. I was going to do it, but there's a list of hundreds of compatible cameras. Of those hundreds, which ones suit my needs? Which ones are less than $300? What is the definition of "works"? (There's "works, but...", and then there's "works out of the box with five minutes of configuration, and here's a link to the settings you want".)

IOW, yes, there is a currently available solution. What there isn't, AFAICT, is a "click here, wait two days for Amazon, have it running five minutes after you open the box" like Nest or Withings.

I run MotionEyeOS on a raspberry pi and store my images and video on a NAS. Doesn't have to be a Synology.

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