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A few thousand very-pissed-off people here and a few thousand very-pissed-off people there...

s/people/early adopters/

Early adopters are people too.

Of course, that doesn't mean they're not pissed off, so nothing in your comment invalidates the parent's.

Edit: I assumed ill intent. Corrected it.

I read that slightly differently; selectively pissing off early adopters is worse, since they disproportionately influence products' odds of success.

Exactly. Google thrives on early adopters waiting in line for and spinning up their newest shiny thing. Sorry if the sarcasm was lost there.

It was lost on me, yes. Thanks for clearing it up.

Nothing says "fuck you" quite like pissing all over the people that helped make your platform a success by being the first to commit to your product.

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