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Domino Recording Company Ltd. http://www.dominorecordco.com | London, UK | Full-time | ONSITE

Domino Recording Co. is one of the world's leading independent record labels, based in London, with offices worldwide. We have a musical catalogue stretching back over 20 years that we are immensely proud of and is growing by the day.

We're looking for a back-end developer to join us in our London office on a full-time basis. The role will be assisting our development team in building out and developing new systems to wrangle all the metadata, audio, video, stats and stacks of other real-world data that we sit atop in our day-to-day operations to benefit our internal working practices and campaigns

Tech requirements: experienced in Ruby and PHP, modern MVC-style frameworks such as Rails and Laravel, comfortable with data manipulation, import/export and cleaning of data large and small, interacting with third-party APIs and data sources as well as having enthusiastic initiative-led coding skills that are accurate and modern.

More details: http://www.dominorecordco.com/uk/news/21-03-16/job-hire-domi...

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