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== Real Talk ==

I'm posting this on behalf of my company and wanted to personalize why you might want to check us out as I think copy/paste non-personalized job ads on HN are boring and don't deserve a place here.

I started back with Virtru as a Senior Software Engineer in July of 2015 and work remotely. I have never once felt left out because I am remote. In fact, this past week the team had a pizza party/dinner in DC and they offered to order pizza for remote employees as well (this wasn't just Domino's/Pizza Hut/Papa John unless that was what you wanted)! I have no real qualms about our remote experience. We currently use Slack, Google Hangouts, and Screenhero, so you won't be cut off to fend for yourself in the wild. Most of the developers are on the east coast, but we have people on the west coast, Texas, and Colorado.

One of the more interesting things about Virtru is that a lot of work is around browser extensions, which is fairly atypical for software products, so you'll get to learn something new.

So what's working there like for a remote person? We have a stand up for the feature team at 10AM EST, but might move to 11AM, and one for our DevOps. After that your day is usually in your court outside of the regular sprint end/begin activities (retro, review, planning). If you like going heads down with no/minimal distractions you can often achieve that. You won't be micromanaged to get your work done and getting your work done is the most important measure. You'll get the freedom to experience what it is to worry about only your work and not if you're showing your face for enough hours. If that means you bust ass 3 days a week and keep yourself available for the other two for stand up, possible reviews and questions, and maybe a meeting no one should care.

Rather than write a novel, if you have any questions please contact me via running this JS snippet to get my info:

    [103, 114, 101, 103, 43, 104, 110, 64, 118, 105, 114, 116, 114, 117, 46, 99, 111, 109].map(x => String.fromCharCode(x)).join('')

I also work at Virtru and I'm on the DevOps team. We are looking to hire 2 more team members for the DevOps team. Give a shout if you're interested.

We currently use (in no order): - AWS (EC2, VPC, S3, CloudFront, SQS, SNS, Lambda, CloudWatch, etc) - PagerDuty - Terraform - Ansible - Python - NodeJS - New Relic - DataDog - ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana

We are also going to start using AWS Aurora in the near future.

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