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Someone should make a smartphone app version of this to demonstrate what is accessible via the app permissions that most people just blindly accept at install time.

"Here are all the nudie pics on your phone as identified by our nudity detection algorithm. Here is a list of your probable work and family contacts. Here is the MMS that you really don't want this app to send on your behalf!"

I'm guessing you're talking about android?

Apps on iOS don't prompt for permissions at install they prompt when they try to access something, eg photos, contacts, etc

They do that on Android too now.

Only for the very latest versions of Android OS that most people don't have and probably won't for several years due to Android's software distribution model.

Outside our tech filter bubble where we upgrade to a new flagship phone every year, millions of people use low-cost, prepaid, or hand-me-down phones that have long been on the market, and stopped receiving software updates years ago through the broken supply chain of AOSP -> device mfr -> carrier.

Uselessly so; many apps just crash if you deny them permissions. I'm looking at you, Hue.

I don't blame them. I'd crash if you denied me permission too. /s

That's probably against Apple's app guidelines.

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