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No, it doesn't just use a different protocol. It ignores your network settings (proxy) and exposes your local network information.

I can understand not wanting to scare people with "Allow P2P Data Channel", but ignoring proxy settings and revealing all IPs is unacceptable. WebRTC folks toss off these concerns with "there's no way to prevent tracking so heh".

It's bad that it ignores network settings.

But that's orthogonal to whether it's torrenting. You can torrent while respecting network settings, and without exposing local IPs.

Visiting a link exposes also a lot on default. Browser, OS, Resolution. The major browsers are not build for this needs. Best experience first. BTW: There are extensions to block webrtc ip leak.

> Visiting a link exposes also a lot on default.

We should be reducing the amount of data exposed and fixing the mistakes of the past that allowed so much data to be easily exfiltrated.

> Best experience first.

"Best" is not a defined term. What software developers should (always) be providing is the safest method first. Fancy UI tricks are a far lower priority than safety. If there is any doubt, fail safely.

Anybody that isn't putting safety first is being incredibly irresponsible. Stop leaking data and design for safety and security first. Yes, this it will be harder to make a nice user experience. In time, this will improve, but in the meantime safety is not something that can simply be ignored.

> extensions

Safety is not an optional feature that only some people should have.

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