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After checking out the demo, it was scary to realize that websites can access an unexpectedly large amount of information about me.

So I installed Tor with the Noscript addon and the demo was not able to access any details at all. Well it did show my ISP and hardware details, but it was wrong.

This should be the default setup in a browser, Tor+Noscript.

The issues of constant captcha harassment and slow browsing speed using this setup need to be addressed. Slow browsing can be addressed by adding more nodes to route traffic. Regarding the captcha issue though, I am not sure about a good working solution.

>This should be the default setup in a browser, Tor+Noscript.

That's just unrealistic for most people, especially the TOR recommendation. Script blockers are troublesome even for tech savvy individuals, though I highly recommend blocking scripts for anyone who can "handle it". Gorhill's work (via uBlock Origin) provides a much more realistic way of disabling these kinds of malicious and/or invasive actions. Not sure if they're currently blocked, but he's made strides to block crapware and its kin, so this might not be so far off.

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