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You should leave it in, if the whole point is to demonstrate the capabilities.

It's incredible that a webpage can do that.

I think a button would be more appropriate. Not everyone reads HN on a network they control and port scanning one's neighbors can lead to some unpleasant conversations.

Maybe it's good that more conversations around this are started so that eventually this critique is upstreamed loud enough to the browser vendors.

> It's incredible that a webpage can do that.

How so? Any site you navigate to knows your IP, and can take action based on that.

This isn't based on external IP. This is using JavaScript to make requests inside your LAN.

Yeah I feel like samy.pl demonstrated this years ago, freaked me out and I have been running noscript ever since :D

Weirdly it's wrong for me, there's LAN IPs on the list that don't exist, and it's missing ones that do. Firefox on Ubuntu, with uBlock Origin, over WiFi.

Agreed - good on OP to raise awareness.

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