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> Geo Coordinates: [lat,lng about 90 miles from the correct location]

I find that error hilarious, because I setup correct in-addr.arpa and ip6.arpa reverse DNS entries for my (static) IP, which returns a domain name that has an accurate LOC record. My IP is two DNS queries away from my location (~10m precision), yet most of the time everyone uses these geoip databases instead of LOC.

Because you are literally the only one ever who has done this.

You are incorrect. ;)

Harsh. He was only off by one.

I found it shockingly accurate -- it gave the address of a house I can see out my window. I'm on an entirely wired connection, so I know it's not doing it via any sort of wi-fi location, but perhaps my ISP lays out IPs very predictably or something.

Mine is 30km off. The address is a farm 3km from the headquarters of my ISP.

Mines about 400 miles off - I'm in Scotland and it put me in london

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