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Senior Software Engineer, ONSITE, Vancouver, CANADA Willing to provide VISA.

IUGO is one of the most prominent veterans of Vancouver's mobile gaming industry, with years of experience creating and operating large-scale free-to-play mobile games on iOS and Android. We're best known for developing successful titles with our major global publishing partners, such as Knights & Dragons and the Walking Dead: Road To Survival, but we're always innovating and building our own original and unique player experiences in-house.

What you'll do: Develop games for the iOS and Android platforms, Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of programmers, artists, producers, and designers Develop tools to support mobile game development and other interventions, Program games and applications in C/C++, Obj-C, Java, Xcode, Android SDK and our proprietary mobile platform

Hopefully you have the following: C++ Mastermind. 2-3+ year of professional development with iOS/Android, 3-5+ years of relevant professional development experience, Expert in C/C++, Obj-C, Java, Xcode, and Android SDK, Strong foundation in logic, computer science, and mathematics, including areas such as algorithms, optimization, and vector/matrix/3D math, BS/MS in Computer Science or qualifications in a related technical discipline

More about our story: iugome.com/ourstory.html Other engineer careers: www.iugome.com/careers.html

Contact Jera Gunter at jera.gunter@iugome.com

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