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Luxul | Draper, UT | JavaScript front-end engineer | ONSITE

We build top quality network hardware: high-throughput routers, high-power wireless access points, and managed switches. I'm looking for an ambitious JavaScript front-end engineer to help drive our user interface development.

Strong JavaScript knowledge is a must. Our current system uses React, Redux, some ES6 and ES7 features through Babel, and Webpack. Familiarity with those is a plus but we're also more than happy to hire ambitious candidates who are eager to learn. If you're interested in Golang there's opportunity to work on the backend components of the web architecture as well.

We're a small engineering team with a diverse array of backgrounds and deep experience in different fields. This is a good place to learn and we're always looking for experienced developers who can teach us something as well. The company continues to experience very strong year-over-year sales and sales growth. Developers get their own office with a door as we value having a good development atmosphere and we're flexible on working schedules.

The full job listing is available here: http://luxul.com/engineering-careers

My e-mail address is tstokes at luxul(dot)com. Send me an e-mail if you're in the Salt Lake City area and we'll talk and/or meet up for lunch.

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