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PresenceLearning | San Francisco, Salt Lake City | Onsite | Fulltime Engineers

We provide “anytime, anywhere” access to a network of more than 700 licensed clinical professionals who work face-to-face with patients via secure, live, online video sessions using our proprietary platform, a vast library of therapy activities, and detailed progress monitoring and tracking tools. We have delivered more than one million sessions of teletherapy and telemedicine to educational and medical institutions across the United States and globally. http://www.presencelearning.com/about/careers/

We are seeking engineers for the following roles on our product team:

1. Backend Engineer (SF, SLC) - Python

2. Frontend Engineer (SLC) - Javascript, HTML, CSS

3. Systems Integration Engineer (SF, SLC) - Python, DevOps, Salesforce preferred

* Voted 6th fastest growing company in SF, Inc 500 * * Best Places to Work award, Glassdoor *

Please email your resume to careers@presencelearning.com with HN in the subject line.

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