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Celigo (Celigo), In San Mateo, CA, is pioneering the future of application integration. Our SmartConnectors enable independent SaaS applications to work together seamlessly. We started by connecting everything we could to Netsuite and have now developed our integrator.io, an easy-to-use middleware platform for building custom integrations.

Working here will expose you to all of the major SaaS Platforms, and you will get a chance to work with a lot of different technologies.

We're looking for: Three (3) full time Software Engineer's - Will take people starting at 2 years of expderience +. Someone with strong knowledge of Java, Node.js is perfect, but if you have a good working knowledge of other languages we would love to talk with you!

One (1) Solutions Architect. Someone is who is knowledgeable about E-Tail, and has experience implementing solutions. Someone with a sales personality and strong technical skills.

Two (2) full time Technical Implementation Consultants. Earlier career position working with our customers to implement our products.

Please email jobs@celigo.com if you're interested! Other positions posted here: http://www.celigo.com/company/careers/

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