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Remix | San Francisco, CA (ONSITE) | Full-time

Today, cities use pen and paper to make planning decisions that affect millions of people's lives. We think there's a better way. We've built a web-based platform that helps city planners make much smarter decisions.

We're working with 100+ cities including Oakland, Baltimore, San Antonio, Miami, Calgary, and Melbourne. All in one year.

The easiest way to understand what we're doing is this two minute demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-JpgoUKr5I

We're hiring across the board, but especially looking for:

- Product Designers - Product Marketers - Front-end Engineers

More at http://getremix.com/jobs

I love your product! It's wonderful to see transit + census data presented so clearly.

I didn't see any front-end engineering roles open on http://getremix.com/jobs: is that an omission?

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