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Denver, CO | Full Stack Rails Developer | Full Time | Up to 80% remote | Firepoint Solutions Firepoint is a quickly growing, energetic, investor-backed start-up company that is full of talented, fun people. We help residential real estate teams and agents to manage and generate business more effectively through sleek, intuitive, and well-designed web applications.

We're seeking the right self-motivated candidate who can also work well with a team. You will be working across our full technology stack, from the view layer all the way to AWS. We make heavy use of Elasticsearch, Backbone.js, pgsql and minitest. We're offering competitive salary, benefits and possibility of stock options after 90 days.

Please view the full job description before applying: http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/112787/full-stack-rails-develo... If you have questions or you would like to apply, please email info@firepoint.net

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