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Bangalore, India | ONSITE | srvs.co

Full time, relocation to Bangalore.

Srvs.Co is a smart job aggregator and recommendation engine, which after launching as a Job Discovery Tool for the Food & Beverages industry has pivoted to build an aggregator to help come up with smarter and intutive ways for 1-Billion+ Blue Collar workers to find jobs. We are already adopted by some Blue Collar workers and some top notch restaurants in New York & Brooklyn and have an awesome team with serial entrepreneurs who have already made exits. You can check out our current beta product @ http://srvs.co/

We are presently hiring for following profile:

Android/iOS devs: We already have apps for both the platforms and now looking for people who can come on board as full time employee and take complete ownership of the app.

We offer competitive salary as well as equity options.

Contact: rishi@srvs.co

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