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Subcurrent | Seattle, WA or Silicon Valley, CA | Fulltime, Onsite

Looking for: Software Engineer and UX Designer

Subcurrent is reimagining enterprise applications through the medium of chat. Currently, our Slack bot helps companies measure processes through quick polls and lightweight conversation. We are looking for someone new to join our team and we think you'd like to come here because:

* We've already got great traction including the #1 spot in the Slack App Directory's HR category and paying customers!

* We're starting to build out a personality and chat dialogue for our bot, so you get to moonlight as a scriptwriter and critic

* We have some really exciting technical challenges ahead of us, with hard problems like natural language processing for our chat interface and cluster management across thousands of realtime connections to chat clients

For devs: Our stack is primarily in Node.js and Meteor running on AWS, but we're totally cool with other backgrounds.

Apply by sending an email to jobs @ <company name>.com

(Yes, we have the .com!)

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