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Jumbleberry (https://jumbleberry.com/) | Toronto, Canada | ONSITE | Full Time ONSITE | VP Technology, Senior Developers, Intermediate Developers | Backend, Frontend, Machine Learning, ML, UI, UX

Jumbleberry is a bootstrapped, profitable startup operating as a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Ad Network. For the past 5 years we’ve offered our clients cost certainty and dependability for their online advertising campaigns.

We're in the process of building out new web based platforms for Advertisers and Marketers to connect and sell online. In addition, we’re investing heavily in analytics and optimization infrastructure using Machine Learning to auto-optimize conversion funnels, decrease customer acquisition costs and provide targeted recommendations to our users as a means of making their campaigns more profitable.

Your work will touch our entire network which drives hundreds of thousands of sales per month, where even a small performance improvement can have a large impact. We’re in the early stages of building out new systems and infrastructure, giving you the opportunity to play a large role in the future state of Jumbleberry and online advertising. Over the coming months you will help build out customer facing portals, wrangle backend data, and contribute to machine learning & optimization pipelines that will enable us make each day better than the last. Bring your ideas, excitement and skill to our team and we will foster your personal growth and give you the opportunity to make meaningful and far-reaching contributions.

We're running Ubuntu, NodeJS, PHP, Nginx, Redis, MySQL, Redshift, Gearman, Aurora, Chef, Java, ReactJS, and many others.

We have a great office downtown Toronto and are seeking skilled individuals who are excited by R&D, backend development, analytics, and performance optimization. We have a work hard, play hard mentality.

Get in touch with me at ian@jumbleberry.com. I'd love to discuss more about our future plans and how you can fit in.

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