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MyDoc, https://my-doc.com | Singapore, ONSITE, VISA | Android, iOS, ReactJS

MyDoc is a healthcare communications startup – providing doctors, patients and businesses with the opportunity to manage their healthcare systems reliably and efficiently. We will be launching a new platform in the next few weeks, and are looking for several new developers to join our engineering team.

Our ideal candidate has experience building modern front-end apps with ReactJS, Android, or iOS. She cares deeply about UI/UX, and is motivated to learn new technologies and to reflect on best practices. As a front-end developer you would be working on a well-designed, modern chat app for the healtcare industry.

At MyDoc we use ReactJS, Java, Objective-C, Swift, Clojure, PHP/Laravel, MySQL, and RabbitMQ. If you have years of experience with all of these then that would be a plus, but we'll also happily hire developers who have a sound theoretic background and want to broaden their horizons.

If this sounds interesting, send me your résumé or CV. You can find my email address in my HN profile.

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