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Volantio is hiring full-stack developers to fix travel tech in airlines
on April 1, 2016 | hide
Volantio is hiring full stack developers with great communication skills who can help make some of the world’s biggest travel sites suck a bunch less, by providing tech to airlines and other travel companies (and drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century).

We’re a close-knit team and have a variety of challenging work on our plates. This role is not just your typical coding-at-a-desk-in-perpetuity type position. One day you might be knee-deep in stack traces, the next you could be flying to Bangkok to meet an airline, but then the next you might well be battling CSS animation issues.

Skills/about you/etc:

- Have built non-trivial applications in small teams

- Totally comfortable in Python/Django (or something similar)

- Equally comfortable in JS/Coffeescript

- We like Postgres and redis, so it’s probably good if you do too

- Used to working in a fast & iterative continuous delivery environment with plenty of testing

- Happiest working in a cross-functional team with a very shared codebase (being small, we avoid specialization where possible)

- Excellent organizer & communicator: We’re somewhat distributed by nature, so communication is critical

- Excited by/love of travel

- Authorized to work in the US

- Patience: Sometimes our customers don’t move as fast as we’d like

- Curious, humble, and willing to learn

Bonus experience:

- Graphing & visualization

- Analytics tech

- Machine learning

- Crufty old APIs (SOAP, etc)

- Travel tech (GDS, CRS, etc)

- Enterprise technology integration

You'll be a core member of our team and be able to shape the role and take it in a direction that you find exciting as we grow the company.

If this sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you. Please include whatever info you believe is relevant: resume, GitHub profile, code samples, links to personal projects, etc.

You can apply by emailing us directly (jobs@volantio.com) or on Angellist: https://angel.co/volantio/jobs/88656-full-stack-developer

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