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So how does one actually install this thing?

I set up the brand new Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 14295 from MSDN. Hanselman's blog post says:

> After turning on Developer Mode in Windows Settings and adding the Feature, run you bash and are prompted to get Ubuntu on Windows from Canonical via the Windows Store...

OK, I turned on Developer Mode. Now what? What does "[add] the Feature" mean?


Builds coming soon first via the Windows Insider Program. Sign up and you'll get it all over Windows Update soon.

Thanks Scott! I've got my Insider builds turned on with the Fast level on this test machine, so will hang tight and wait for updates.

Well, actually my "test machine" is a Windows 10 14295 VM running in Parallels. So if this ends up working (no reason it shouldn't) I will be running Ubuntu on Windows on OSX! :-)

Haha I am running Windows 10 on a macbook pro (bootcamp). So in my case it would be ubuntu on windows on a macbook =P

The wait is literally killing me!

Scott, is there any chance you could drop a hint how soon is "soon"? Will this drop on a Wednesday with other updates or will it be a special release?

Thank you!

This is in the current Insiders release, NOW.

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