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Battle of Trafalgar (21 October 1805), back when the people involved were probably sure ships would never be supplanted as the preferred method of travel across the ocean.

Incidentally, I found that date in about five seconds, with Chrome's address bar even auto-completing the name of the battle.

The article is amusingly myopic, and the author is completely unable to imagine a world (not far from his own) where his little niggles are solved.

The internet is a global network of computers. Even if some of the technologies built on it are limited (as many were in 1995), the underlying network is near limitless in potential. Underestimating that potential will always be a mistake.

I like to jokingly call google "my external memory". It's fast enough that I can actually use it as such in a IM conversation. When somebody mentions something I'm not familiar with (like a movie) it's usually faster to google it then to wait for them to answer my "what is X?".

A really big thing will be when we'll be able to do the same in a face to face conversation. I really understand why google is trying so hard to be mobile. Otherwise it would miss the next few big revolutions.

Last Christmas we were playing some kind of Jeopardy in my family and of course everyone was trying to use their portable wireless device to cheat one way or another. It's really an acceptably functional "external memory".

This also works well on pub trivia machines.

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