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It took me 9 seconds to find the date of the Battle of Trafalgar vs 15 minutes in 1995. Moore's law for information search?

If you have a mac, open Spotlight and type "battle of trafalgar." You'll get a result from Dictionary.app with the date of the battle and a very short summary.

The answer to his question now sits on the hard drives of millions of consumer computers around the world. This guy must be some sort of anti-psychic.

I just highlighted "date of the Battle of Trafalgar" from your comment, right-clicked chose "search google for..." from the resulting pop-up and had it in about one second.

I strongly suspect that no nearby shopping mall has done more business this afternoon the entire internet has this month, either. Kurzweil, this guy is not.

Why a day for a shopping mall and a month for the internet? Also, why just one nearby mall? Why not the entire internet vs. all shopping malls for an equal amount of time?

Of course, we'd have to ignore the business the shopping malls do over the internet. So maybe all in person transactions at all shopping malls vs. all consumer purchases over the web, for an equal period.

If this was Digg, I would have expected 23 comments thanking you for opening their eyes and highlighting this amazing feature in Firefox.

Then I remembered I was on HN and everything went better than expected.

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