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Absolutely. When I can, I write everything in Org-Mode: - Code / Project Documentation: Written in Org-Mode, then exported as PDF via Latex - Blog: My complete blog is written in Org-Mode [1] (Source: [2]). Via Source-Blocks, I can write Code-Examples directly in the document, execute them there, and make sure they work correctly and / or embed the results. I can even write multiple code blocks and then reference them within each other. This makes it easy to explain a subject by continuously revealing more snippets from a larger code example - Link Lists: I'm storing links to books, articles, papers, in Org-Mode where I can add quotes, tags, or relevant thoughts in a structured way.

I actually, currently, use Org-Mode much more for writing than for organising / tasks / todos.

[1] http://appventure.me [2] https://github.com/terhechte/appventure-blog/blob/master/res...

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