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To me the most painful position by far is all fingers on home position.

If you ask a physical therapist what is the best way to sit on a chair they will say it is to switch position constantly. I'm not buying that it is opposite for a keyboard.

Moving around will help blood flow and will get you to release the static contraction (or switch muscles). That affects your forearm, wrists etc and I don't think has anything to do with your fingers.

For me, keeping at the home position limits wrist contortions that I associated with my increased pain.

This is a huge mistake. Some of my friends got RSI this way.

You have to move your _arms_ when typing, not only your wrists.

Citation/explanation needed.

This was the case for me as well, until I got myself a split ergo keyboard. With conventional keyboards, you have to twist your wrists for your fingers to stay on the home row (even more so if you have big hands).

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