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SCART came fairly late. In the 80s we were using analogue UHF modulators connected over coax to the aerial socket of a TV. Here is the ZX81 circuit board for example: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/ZX81BasicProgramming/chap25.h...

According to Wikipedia, SCART was compulsory on French TVs from 1980.

(I'm not old enough to remember any TV connector before about 1997. By then, in the UK, only really cheap or old stuff lacked SCART.)

USA never used SCART. Went straight from UHF antenna to component. NES and SNES shipped with RF cables - the earliest with component was the N64.

SNES has RGB output, all you even needed was a cheap cable.

I wonder why there was no rgb inputs in US TVs, this is the most natural 240p/480i signal you can think about, goes almost straight from video chip to CRT electron gun.

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