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The future of the web. Contextual #do cards
2 points by shauntrennery on Mar 27, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
The current web is an explicit one. We are forced to hunt down the digital actions we need to complete using search, apps and endless website menus.

Tomorrow's web will be an implicit one. The most relevant actions will magically appear as we go about our day.

One of the fundamental building blocks of this future is a repository of contextual actions. Imagine billions of invisible POSTIT notes that appear because of our context and what we need to do.

http://hashdo.com, an open source contextual card platform, is an attempt to provide this building block.

I see serious potential when combining this with a platform/API like https://www.beaconsinspace.com/.

They provide devs with access to existing beacon infrastructure and structured contextual data.

Oh wow. Very much so. Thank you for the link. I have reading to do.

Interesting idea. Do you think these are similar to cards in Google Now? Could this be used for notifications?

#Do cards are similar to Google Now cards. The idea is to enable any small business to expose a digital interface. i.e. a small collection of single-function cards which can then be dispersed, surfaced and executed anywhere.

I definitely see them used in notifications. Another use case that really excites me is Google's eddystone standard.

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