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Google links don't work after iOS 9.3 (discussions.apple.com)
36 points by acqq on March 26, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

Safari does nothing when tapping on a story link in HN. Trying to long-hold and open in new tab locks up the app, forcing me to quit it (via the app switcher).

Chrome on iOS (which uses a Safari webview internally with some custom handlers) lets me long-hold and open in new tab, but single tapping on story links does nothing.

Similar situation on other sites. I don't have any content blocking apps installed that I know of. Seems totally random which sites work in which browser and which don't. Phone is worse than useless now.

What device and iOS version? I don't have these problems... IPhone6/9.3/Purify content-blocker

Edit: more context

iOS 9.2.1, iPhone 6, no blockers.

Going to try an upgrade to 9.3 and see what happens.

UPDATE: iOS 9.3 (13E233) Japanese Ver.

Still broken. No blockers.

Same version, iPhone 6, no problem to open HN links nor Google ones.

iOS 9.3, iPhone 5S, no blockers

Both work fine for me. I wonder if it's to do with content blockers installed on individual devices?

This was my problem. One of the later updates to 1Blocker killed comments in HN for me.

"It's not done until Google doesn't run!"

HN links to other sites don't work for me now.

HN story links are also busted in Mobile Safari (even after disabling JavaScript and Developer mode). Amusingly, the comments link isn't.

Yes, now I see that on my phone too. Following HN links is also impossible now on my iPhone. Wow.

I can't even click on the "online support" from the Apple Support page! That is, it doesn't work.

I have had a similar issue since iOS 9.2 with my iPhone 6s Plus. Safari randomly freeze when I open a link in the background. This issue doesn't appear every time, but does appear several times(<10) a week.

I bought the 6sP this year and restored it from my local backup. Usually I have tons of tabs opened in Safari. Thus, I initially suspect this issue may related to those many tabs or some corruption in backup data.

After upgrade to 9.3, I still have this issue. Not sure whether my problem is related to the problem discussed here, though they had similar behavior.

Just tried it. Both the app and the website work fine for me. :/

The browser on my iPhone works bad however:

After I Google something on my iPhone, if I click on any link that is the result of the Google search, the Mobile Safari stays frozen for me. Even switching to another application (with the "big physical button") gets delayed and then occurs in sequence more times, which means that some tight loop (or the flood of priority events) prevented the processing of the button, and only later the buffered presses are handled.

I've deleted cookies, history and the website data and rebooted, nothing changes.

I don't have any ad blocker installed, unless some app installed it behind my back? The only app I've installed recently is booking.com.

There are also other forum topics with the same bug:


I wouldn't be surprised that some of the apps which adds some "handler" is the problem just like the Windows Explorer extensions made problem to Windows. However these can't be controlled by the user, and I would prefer not deleting all my apps and adding it one by one to discover if it would work then.

Even in Firefox for iPhone the links don't work directly. Obviously the "long hold" handling is different however: I can "open new tab" in Firefox but in Safari the whole Safari blocks and I have to kill it once I manage to wait enough for the phone to be responsive again.

It happens also to my wife's iPhone 6, but amusingly only on messages and mail, not safari. Same bug.

Same for me. Google doesn't work. I was looking at rolling back. Apple updates have been regressive for a while. I am beginning to feel that it is time we lock down our phone like the good old days. The new stuff hasn't been really good for a while.

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