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Doomsday rule (wikipedia.org)
31 points by transpiler on March 26, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

This might be interesting trivia, but it is more like a parlour trick, like memorizing the digits of pi, than an actually useful algorithm. No programmer should use this – just like all other date and time handling, (and sorting algorithms, and so on), a proper library should be used instead of implementing this in your own code.

That's terrible advice. People who don't know sorting algorithms run the risk of choosing the wrong one - like choosing an unstable sort for a UI because it's faster.

It's like saying "Why learn math, since calculators exist?" The answer is that you'll use it wrong and not know it, like the cashier who divided by 3 instead of 2 on a half-off deal and got me an extra-large discount; she didn't even know enough math to sense that the price was glaringly low.

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