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I just checked, NULL is not available in California, but this one is ("INVALID"): http://imgur.com/1KhRws2

But, I wonder how much more frequently you'd get pulled over with a plate like that.

the CA DMV lets you check for custom plates online: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/ipp2/initPers.do

When I was working at British Airways a decade or so ago there was* a problem with a screen-scraping programme that terminated the crew printout whenever there was a passenger needing medical assistance on the flight manifest because the text "invalid" was assumed to be an error condition.

*Actually long enough ago I can no longer recall whether this was something that happened while I was there or just a tall tale that was doing the rounds in the department.

'NO PLATE' and 'NO TAGS' are taken but 'NO TAG5' is available if anyone wants to take their chances.

-edit 'MI55ING' is available too.

I'm pretty sure "INVALID" lets you park in disabled person parking spots.

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