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It does not need to be replaced, and it's highly impractical for it to be replaced since it's such a core part of all web browsers that's not going away anytime soon.

Are you suggesting we style with JavaScript?

Flash was also once a core part of the web browsing experience.

CSS is a big warty blob, and a relic of the "semantic web."

"Styling with JavaScript" is probably too verbose of a solution, but it's one option.

And you're going to have much worse performance. CSS is actually not slow for what it does.

I'd be curious how styling with Javascript would work. Almost every example I've ever seen of such ideas comes down to actually just writing CSS in Javascript. Which is just silly.

Right. We need a better solution. Actual inheritance would be a good step.

CSS has almost nothing to do with the semantic web. It has been associated with the use of "semantic markup", but those two things are only weakly related.

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