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Quick question, what's to stop someone from reimplementing, say "float: right" to also spin up a banner ad? That is, this sounds great in principal but much like Microsoft's Tay taught us, the internet is full of *-holes.

I'd expect that anyone who has access to the page/app enough to extend CSS to spin up ads would also have enough access to the app/page to just put ads on it anyway, in much easier ways.

I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you suggesting that someone might use this tech to bypass adblockers by integrating ads into a CSS property? Or is it something else?

Well that's already possible now just by reading the CSSOM and patching new things into the DOM like how the article described the current state of affairs. If you just want to shunt another banner ad in there, that's not something that will hurt performance too much.

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