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FYI, your tonicdev code runner doesn't seem to be working for me.

Whenever I run a code example, I get 5 403 errors one after the other trying to make PUT requests to http://tonicdev.com/new

Sample request:

{"model":{"content":{"package":{"engines":{"node":"4.x.x"},"lastEvaluatedDependencies":{},"dependencies":{}},"title":"","cells":[{"_id":"cells/3f4e1137-79ee-4dbd-b201-ba404a056e0f","content":{"type":"source","text":"/* @jsx console.log */\n\n// Now this is the same as console.log(\"div\", { \"id\":\"my-element\"}, \"hi\");\n<div id = \"my-element\" >hi</div>"}},{"_id":"cells/fd8deede-cfeb-48df-ac0f-740397f61e47","content":{"type":"rich-text","text":"Created from: http://tolmasky.com/2016/03/24/generalizing-jsx/","tag":"p"}...},"evaluationCount":0},"fromNotebook":null,"fromLocation":"http://tolmasky.com/2016/03/24/generalizing-jsx/","embed":tr...}

And response:

{ "message": "CSRF token failure", "csrf": "4fa7f4dc-c906-4561-92dd-2489cc53c7f7" }

Safari on OSX, Chrome doesn't have the problem.

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