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I think you mixed some nice ideas with a very weird idea for no good reason. I kept looking for why you want to do this through JSX, but I just didn't find anything convincing.

I like the idea of using the "from" function to rename applied parameters. But that and everything else would be equally possible and a lot less confusing if it didn't involve JSX, no?

JSX provided a convenient syntax to have named parameters in JavaScript. Additionally, it results in nice data structure literals, and finally, you get the same benefits "for free" in a React app by doing this.

The main thing here was that through thinking about JSX, I was able to reach these conclusions. If I had not had to work with this separate syntax, I may not have tried separating function application from function binding. It's kind of like how when you give something a word you can think about it clearer.

For example, one of the issues thats frustrated me in the past is wanting to fully-curry a function but still have it be callable. For example, if you have id = x => x, if you could curry it it would simply become an "always" function. So like, [...].map(<id x = {5}>) (this maps everything to 5 in our case). But with traditional currying, that would simply return 5. Again, you could achieve this curry(id, {x:5}), but I like the visual queue that JSX syntax gives you saying "This is a new FUNCTION with these parameters".

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