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xhyve isn't exactly production ready (and the main repo hasn't been updated for a while). Did you guys actually solve some of the major problems (e.g., https://github.com/mist64/xhyve/issues/86 - crash coming back from sleep) or is that an expected part of the beta experience?

Yes, quite a few issues of that nature have been fixed (and we are planning to open-source the changes later in the year once we stabilise the overall application).

The bug above has been reported to Apple and they've reportedly fixed it in the latest 10.11.4 seeds, but we've put in a workaround that detects ACPI sleep events and freezes vCPUs just before going into hibernate mode. None of the beta testers have reported any sleep crashes using Docker for Mac recently, so if you do see anything of this nature please let us know.

I have not experienced this crash, and even had a container running last night, put the laptop to bed, woke it up this morning and the container is still there, running and interactive. Running OSX 10.11.3

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